Friday, March 21, 2008

Nutiva stuff

Tonight I mixed some of the hemp protein powder into some peach yogurt. By itself it was okay, but still needed something. I added a few sunflower seeds to the mixture, and it was actually quite good. And it gave me the satisfaction of crunching something even though it wasn't much. I really miss crunching down on salads and apples and broccoli and all that good stuff.

Some day. Soon, I hope.

On the recommendation of my beautiful and wonderful blogmommy SarahK, I have ordered some extra-virgin coconut oil as well as some of Nutiva's hempseed oil. Perhaps I won't have to keep taking the fish oil capsules, since they always give me nasty, fishy burps about thirty minutes after I take them. The hempseed oil has the Omega3s that I need, and I assume it will have a nutty flavor rather than a fishy one.

I don't guess I ever realized you could cook with coconut oil, but apparently it has a much higher smoke point than most other oils we cook with. I love coconut anyway, especially the fresh stuff, and adding coconut milk to hot curry dishes is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.

I'll let y'all know what I think when I receive my order.

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