Sunday, March 09, 2008

Che-worship in Hollywood

Humberto over at Babalu Blog makes a very good point:

This Raul Reyes who just got whacked in Ecuador was a leader of FARC-- who have fought for 40 years, control (tragically) a good portion of Colombia, and have recruited 10,000 fighters (narco/terrorist-murderers- kidnappers.)

Ernesto "Che" Guevara. never fought a guerrilla campaign, recruited fewer than 30 fighters in Bolivia, controlled no territory, wandered around lost for half a year, utterly lost and apparently unable to read a compass--then was captured and his force wiped out at their first genuine firefight.

So who gets a major Hollywood epic title "Guerrilla!" !!? (due out late this year)

There's nothing like having Fidel Castro as a publicity agent--with one drawback: he'll only crank up the "Star-Making Machinery" (as Joni Mitchell sang) after having sent you to "sleep with the fishes."

(Please don't misconstrue this to suggest I sympathize with the mass-murdering FARC. Just an observation.)

Hear, hear.

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