Sunday, February 24, 2008

The only good skwerl

Squirrel is served: Rodent dish among hunting fare at church celebration
TANEYTOWN, MD — They lined up, plates in hand, a platter of cheese and crackers and fried chicken spread on a table before them.

But many who came to the Taneytown Baptist Church’s End of Hunting Season Celebration Dinner opted for something else: a lone squirrel potpie.

Within minutes, the dish was empty.

The squirrel potpie included vegetables, onions and Italian dressing and contained the meat from between six and eight squirrels.

“I’ve tasted a lot [of the dishes served tonight], but the squirrel potpie is pretty good,” Steve Baker of Taneytown said. Baker, a hunter himself, came out for the camaraderie of fellow hunters and churchgoers.

Sounds like my kind of church.

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