Sunday, February 03, 2008

Boo. hoo. hoo.

Nature notes: It's a rough season for squirrels

Lately, it's almost been pitiful watching the local squirrels having to eek out an existence out here in north Lafayette. It happens each and every year between mid-January and mid-February. Crunch time in the squirrel world.

As a nitpicky aside, Mr. Fontenot, I'm pretty sure it's "eke," not "eek." But forget the syntax error. I'm really, really broken up about the skwerls. [inadvertent snicker]

Broken up.


Skwerls, my man, are the ninjas of the rodent world.

I caught sight of the squirrel in my rear view mirror. He wasn't flattened, or even ruffled, he just stood there. Somehow this little guy had the intestinal fortitude to stare down the Royal 'Rolla's bumper and duck.

The poor widdle skwerls ain't gonna be thwarted by a little thing like starvation. They're like anthrax spores... lying in wait...

The Super Bowl Bridgestone commercials have been humorous, but the one with the people missing the squirrel in the middle of the road? That ain't sellin' me a tire. Heck, I want a tire that homes in on the tiny terrorists. Build one of those for me, Bridgestone, and you'll have a customer for life.

Lock 'n load, man.

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