Friday, January 11, 2008

No more Pentium-III

I don't expect it will always work, but at least this time, the old "ask and ye shall receive" principle worked for me at school. Actually, mentioning it to the superintendent at a football game did the trick. I now have three (3!!) new HP computers with flat-screen monitors in my classroom. Now we can actually work with images without having the computer lock up.

But I did have to take all the yearbook pictures off the district server, because I was eating up all their space (oops... hehe). At least now my classroom computer has CD-burning capability (not DVD, unfortunately, but you can't have everything I guess) so I won't have to fill up our little server. Next year I'm going to request one of these (not that I'll get it, but it never hurts to ask).

And on the same principle, I think I'm also going to request some *real* cameras with *real* lenses. Probably not Nikons, since they're so spendy... but there are some terrific DSLRs by Olympus and Canon that would fill the bill. Even just one good camera a year for three or four years would be a wonderful investment in not only the yearbook production but also the *real* photography education the kids could potentially receive.

My list of big-ticket items also includes a good kiln and pottery wheel, a computer projector and screen, and a classroom set of textbooks. I'm still deciding what textbooks to adopt; it's fun to have the POWAH to decide that kind of thing!

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