Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to the grindstone...

Tomorrow morning, we all get to wake up long before dawn and head back over to Ballyhoo again.

I needed to go over yesterday and get some tidying/organizing done in my classroom, but I seem to have come down with a lovely cold and I felt so horrible I ended up spending most of the day sleeping it off. Today I didn't feel quite so awful, so I went over after lunch. Rick and the kids came over to help a little bit later, which made the task easier.

The district's technoguru said that all my new computer equipment has arrived (hallelujah!!), and I wanted to make sure he had a nice clean spot to put all the yummy new toys. Of course, it's not there yet, so I decided to come back home to do the lesson-planning work. Using my current school computer (a Pentium III) (ha!) is very much like trying to sprint through waist-deep mud.

I'm going to bed in an hour. I don't want to oversleep.

It was funny; I hadn't been in my classroom in ten days, and I expected to feel totally bummed to have to be back. But I didn't! I was actually glad to be there and felt excited about seeing my students again tomorrow.

And now for something completely different... the Iowa caucuses are forefront in my mind, mainly because I have gotten a million forwarded mass e-mails from Iowa friends encouraging me to caucus for Huckabee.


Of course, it's useless to send me these, since I'm no longer a resident of Iowa. But if I were still there, I would NOT be caucusing for Huckabee. Just as I can't support someone with no record at all, I can't support someone who already has a track record of supporting tax increases and a less-than-solid border policy.

I'm quite sure that Huckabee is a genuine guy. If he ends up being the party's nominee, I'd certainly vote for him over any of the Dems. I won't be casting my primary vote for him, however. That still goes to Fred Thompson. I haven't seen anyone else who comes as close to my own political principles. Plus, I think that the Republican Party would be committing political suicide to put forth Huckabee as our nominee.

Are there any Republican candidates I would NOT cast a vote for? That's a tough one... I think Ron Paul is probably last on my list, but I'd probably even hold my nose and vote for him before I'd ever support Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, or (God Forbid) the Breck Girl.

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