Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Field Trip!

I took my three photogs to a beginning photography workshop today. We all learned a ton (I include myself) and had a hilarious time. Definitely some good team-building and encouragement AND actual hands-on photography lessons that were simply priceless.

But I'm totally, totally beat. This week has been a killah, for whatever reason. I'm all wrung-out.


I *so* need this weekend. Even Martha asked this afternoon if we had anything we had to go do this weekend because she was hoping we could just stay home. This is so unlike Martha, who constantly wants to go somewhere -- anywhere -- and pitches a fit if she has to stay home. I think she's tired, too.

We all are. Rick spent a good part of the afternoon crawling around under the house repairing rusted plumbing pipes that had broken. So he was pretty worn out, too.

Alice has had a week of frequent seizures, so she sank into bed pretty early on her own. Isaac spent the day at an academic competition (he's on the spelling team and the music-memory team).

It's gonna feel GOOD to SLEEP.

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