Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Field trip adventures

Or shall I say "non-adventures"...?

Today I took my yearbook staff (numbering 14 souls) on a field trip.

This was the first field trip I've ever taken students on. I've been on them as a student, and I've accompanied groups of kids as a chaperone, but I have *never* been THE ONE who was completely responsible for fourteen teenagers away from school campus. I even drove, since our activity bus doesn't require a CDL to drive it.

We went hunting for yearbook ad sales, and got quite a few. Several actual paid ads, and a large number of promised ones... and all my kids behaved themselves and didn't get kidnapped or drunk or have sex in the back seat or anything.


I spent a goodly portion of *last* night awake, feeling sheer terror over the prospect of this day. I just knew that someone was going to get hit by a car, or someone's parent would sue me because they hadn't been made aware that their baby was being transported off campus on this particular day, or even that I'd get to school this morning and the principal would tell me that he'd found out I'd gotten a speeding ticket and that that disqualified me from driving the activity bus and the trip would have to be cancelled... you name it, I could imagine it happening.

And it didn't.

Thank you, God.

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