Monday, November 19, 2007

My life as I know it

Not that any of you is even slightly interested, but this JV girls basketball game was smokin' hot and as intense as any bball game you could find on television. Our girls tied it up right at the buzzer and took the game into OT, then won it pulling away. It was beautiful.

And I'm getting REALLY tired of making the half-hour trip over to Ballyhoo. I'm ready to be living there so we don't have to get up so darn early and so I don't waste a TON of fuel getting back and forth.

[sigh] Instead of getting a second job so we can start to crawl our way out of horrendous debt (thanks in entirety to medical costs), he's applying for government assistance. Don't get me started. [scowl] I might say something rather uncharitable and unseemly.

Can someone explain to me why a full time teacher with the maximum offered health insurance coverage (along with exorbitant premiums exacted from my paycheck each month) is having to apply for government assistance and take out enormous loans just to get by because the insurance can't --or won't-- cover our costs? Something is wrong with this picture.

Okay, I said I wouldn't get started. I should get to bed, anyway.

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