Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I've been out to school events both evenings this week so far, which has severely curtailed any other activity (such as showering, breathing).

Last night the middle schoolers performed their One-Act Play. Tonight, the National Honor Society had its initiation banquet and ceremony.

The life of a high school yearbook adviser... is nonexistent.

That's not to say that I don't love it. I really do. But as much as it may surprise some people, I am not by nature a social person. It takes great mental effort to withstand group interaction, particularly with people I'm not often with or who I don't know well. And being forced to be at after-hours school events saps my mental energy.

When I am alone, I am able to recharge my mental batteries, so to speak.

I'd actually like to go to bed right now, even though it's only nine pm, but I can't. There are fifty-one pictures from today that need vetting. I'd do it at school, but I saved yesterday's pictures to do today at school and it literally took me ALL DAY to GIMP all of them (even though there weren't that many) because MY SCHOOL COMPUTER IS A PENTIUM THREE and it's, um, rather slow on the uptake when handling large images.

A PENTIUM THREE. Can you believe that? I'm pretty sure my computer was manufactured in the previous century. I'm also quite certain that the printer in my room is twice as old as the computer.

But, thank the Lord, the tech guy insists my new computers, printer and scanner are on order. It will be a relief beyond words to have something I can use to work on photos at school rather than bringing them all home every night to comb through, weed out the baddies and retouch the goodies.

And now, I am going to cease blogging in order to undertake the GIMPing of fifty-one photographs. G'nite.

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