Sunday, October 28, 2007

Variations on a theme

Continuing with my "yearbook" theme, my pal RedFish sent me a cool link this morning. It's to The Sheila Variations, and in that blog post she reminisces about one of her high school activities.

I loved the post, but I gleaned a slightly different angle from it. She posted photographs of her activities, photos which apparently came from her high school yearbook.

Which means that someone took pictures of said activity, even though it wasn't an "officially-sanctioned" group.

I so loved that, and I've printed it off to take to my yearbook class. I'll edit the occasional swear word she threw in, of course -- I wouldn't want any of the parents to freak out or anything, even though the content of the article isn't offensive at all. But I want to stress with my class the importance of including all the off-Broadway stuff that occurs this year and not just the typical stuff you might see in any yearbook from any given high school. Sheila was able to share with us some terrific photos thanks to some forward-thinking photographer. I'd like to have that kind of yearbook.

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