Monday, October 15, 2007

Fashion fun

Yeah, I've seen those commercials from a few years back... you know, the ones where the little kid decides he's been knocked-around enough and runs to his bathroom and stuffs his clothes with wads of Soft Toilet Paper?

I guess designer Jose Castro took those commercials to heart. Or to his sewing machine. Here we see his vision of a Giant Wad of Toilet Paper:

The model appears to have scuffed the left side of her face from a nasty fall while trying to lean over the soup bowl so she wouldn't spill. Oh, wait... that can't be right. Models don't eat. No, what actually happened was that the abrasion was the whole reason she put on the Giant Wad of Toilet Paper in the first place, just like the original commercials. Yeah, that's it. She probably took a tumble trying to walk down the runway in a pair of eleven-inch stiletto platforms, so to be on the safe side she took precautions.

Designer Sue Wong went all Kandinsky or Miro on us when she put together this lovely bit of millinery:

I'm digging those Cosmic Fishing Lure Spinners dangling from her ears, aren't you?

Methinks Indian designer Narendra Kumar's grandmother didn't bake her a Barbie-doll cake when she was a little girl:

Note the lovely Hindi and Roman graffiti on the skirt. The Hindi probably says, "Happy 5th Birthday!" or "Princess Narendra" or something like that.

Of course, I've saved the best for last:

Designer Algimiro Palencia flings wide the closet doors.

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