Monday, October 01, 2007

Catblogging is addictive

Cats are just generally more photogenic than dogs, I think. Exceptions exist, of course.

Dude the Cat has made his preference known... he is DAD'S CAT. Oh, he likes me pretty well, and scoots away from the kids, but if given a choice, he will climb into Dad's lap and go to sleep. If Dad is sitting on the couch eating supper, Dude will crawl up on his shoulder to watch the food more closely (he doesn't do that to me).

Photographic evidence of said Dad-wardness:

Dad shows Dude all the best toys:

Doesn't Dude have the loveliest pattern of spots on his belly and stripes on his legs? I think he's rather a handsome kitteh.

After his nappy time and play time, Dude usually decides to attack Bijou the Poodle... and Bijou attacks back:

Fear not. No cats or dogs were harmed in the making of these photos. Bijou was merely giving back what she continually gets from Dude the Terrorist Kitteh, and she never really hurts him. They just chase one another and play and wrestle.

Which is actually good for Bijou; she has needed someone to wrestle with and play with. What's hilarious is that the cat is probably only going to get stronger and bigger and will probably end up stronger and bigger than Bijou. heh

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