Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Ballyhoo Beagles Win Again!!

This game was a serious nail-biter... mainly because the officials made -literally- some of the WORST calls I have ever seen in all my born days. It's one thing to gripe about a call that may or may not have actually happened the way the official called it. It's entirely another thing to SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES the way it really happened and then see the officials call something entirely different. Apparently everyone in our stands saw the same things I did, and it's a testament to the restraint and decency of our fans that nothing untoward occurred. At any rate, the score would've been a couple of touchdowns higher on our side, had those incredibly poor calls not been made. Our boys are a resilient team, however, and overcame the handicaps. I was proud of them. It was soooooooo cold, but almost no-one left the game early -- it was too intense.

Friday Night Lights ... October 26, 2007

Here's Yours Truly, in my typical pep rally pose:

I've apparently become something of a sensation at our pep rallies. Mainly it's because I always dress up for the Spirit Days (this week it was Pajama Day... I have pictures but I dunno if I'm brave enough to post them here!!) and the cheerleaders always give a Spirit Award to the teachers who dress up. Every week when they call my name to give me my Spirit Award, I come running and screaming and jumping out onto the court -- well, it IS a "pep rally", right? -- and now the kids expect it of me and scream along with me.

And of course, you can clearly see our school's REAL NAME and MASCOT emblazoned on the banner above me in that picture... [grin]

Did I ever mention that green is (and has always been) my FAVORITE COLOR?

Go Beagles!

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