Sunday, September 23, 2007

A wee bit o' snark

Yes, the hunky guy in my dreams ALWAYS wears a shawl... doesn't yours? "I am Inigo Montoya... you keeled my father... prepare to die," he says, giving his stylish white scarf an indifferent toss.

Is that guy's moustache fake?

I wonder if this poor model knows how much she looks like a Dr. Seuss character? Or that her necklaces are backwards? Or that she's wearing a big white balloon on her butt? I guess it could be worse, however:

For the eternal kid who can't get enough of the ball pit at the McDonald's PlayLand, that's just the outfit. One question, though: how do you go to the bathroom while wearing that contraption? And if she leans over too far, do the pointy-things on her shoulders pose a danger of popping the balloons in her skirt?

I suppose she could be the PE instructor at a preschool...

Fashion shows are such great snarkfodder.

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