Sunday, September 16, 2007

Skippin' church! (shhhhhh!)

Yes, I'm skipping church today, along with Martha. I have a sore throat and she is completely congested. It feels so... so... so indulgent. Especially since my Jewish friends have just spent several days in synagogue celebrating Rosh Hashanah. But hey, when you're sick, you're sick.

They're doing flu shots at school in about three weeks. We're ALL getting one this year. My days of taking unnecessary risks are over.

Well, okay, there will still be a few unnecessary risks, because I'm just that way. I have, in the immortal words of Crush the Sea Turtle, "serious thrill issues." But not with germs. I have a giant bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk and students use it all the time. So do I.

I take 2000mg of Fish Oil, 500mg of calcium citrate, sublingual B complex, and a multivitamin every day, washed down with V-8 (one bottle a day as my breakfast).

I hate being sick.

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