Saturday, September 15, 2007

My week in review

The beginning of the week saw me as a bundle of nerves, since Wednesday I was going to be in charge of the entire district's fall picture day. I marshalled the troops (my yearbook staff) and we plunged in headfirst, playing it by ear but coming out fairly decently in the end. I don't think I made too many enemies, or at least none that I heard about. I learned a few things and, if given the opportunity to do it again next year, will change a few things.

Friday night was yet another football game -- those things come up quite a bit, I think -- and this week it was in Nocona. We lost, 21-7.

But today my Sooners schmeared Utah State. They'd better have schmeared them, is all I'm saying. Utah State? Who made THAT schedule?

And best of all, Iowa State Cyclones BEAT IOWA today at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames. YEEARRGH!!! I love to see Iowa get pounded. heh Of course, I'm not a fan of ISU when they're playing OU or Texas A&M, but other than that, I'd like to see them whup-up. Especially when it's against the Hawkeyes.

Hooray for Michigan, who finally makes it into the "W" column with a decisive smackdown of the Flighty Irish. As my AuntyOh said, "That'll be one to watch, because somebody has to win that game." [snicker]

And finally, kudos to Tennessee for putting the hurt on the Florida Gators. Wheee!! WHOA WTF happened? When I left that game, it wasn't lookin' like that. YUGGH.

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