Friday, September 28, 2007

It's only September

It's still September for a couple more days. Very early in the school calendar. But I keep waiting for things at school to become unpleasant, since there's always something yucky about every place I've ever worked (school or not). And as for that, there are a few niggling little things that aren't perfect about Ballyhoo.

But thanks to a few horrendously-bad experiences, I don't find them to be deal-breakers. I actually LIKE getting up in the morning and going to work over there.

Okay, the "getting up in the morning" part isn't so great. It never is, for me.

But the going to work? Not bad. I love the students -- but that's always the case for me. I always get along very well with my students. No, it's the staff that I like so much. People here actually respond to my smiles and my jokes and my reaching out for connections.

And tops on that list? The office staff at the high school. They have to be the NICEST, KINDEST ladies I've ever worked with. They get their jobs done, but they're quite pleasant about it, and they treat me like someone they want to work with. As though they're ON MY SIDE rather than against me.

It's refreshing.

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