Saturday, September 08, 2007


I haven't done any fashionblogging in quite a while, but the Spring '08 runway shows are in full swing, so there's plenty of blogfodder to be had.

Tonight I bring you: Vera Wang. Seen in the below photo on the left (with Donna Karan), Vera Wang herself doesn't appear to know how to dress herself attractively:

That silk tow-sack chic isn't working for me, especially since it looks like she's just wearing a long skirt pulled up to her ribcage and no top. I'm hoping there actually ARE straps and that her long hair is just covering them, but that photo makes her appear to have absolutely no breasts whatsoever. (I am going to feel really, really schmucky if she had a radical mastectomy or something awful like that, but I Googled it and couldn't find anything.)

She does, however, know how to design beautiful clothing for other people:

That is so classy and so lovely. I'd like to see Gillian Anderson rock that dress at the Oscars next year, with her locks returned to their Titian splendor of X-Files days. Ho-Ly-Cow.

Okay, not all of her collection was as elegant and timeless, unless you consider muu-muus to belong to that category:
The color is fabulous. The cut? Well, not so much. Ill-fitting and shapeless. Do Not Want. Unless it's her nightdress and she's supposed to sleep in it.

I loved all the color choices in Vera Wang's show; most of them were like these two, belonging to a palette which I tend to wear well. I generally like her work, because it seems to embody femininity and grace and glamour and Real Haute Couture. That's probably why her wedding dresses are so sought-after.

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