Thursday, August 02, 2007

Six Flags!

We've been a rather busy lil' family the past couple of days, hence the no-show on the blog. Today we went to the Six Flags Over Texas theme park and wore ourselves completely out.

At the park entrance

Bumper cars!

The Aquaman ride soaked us all!

The weather was just very nearly perfect today... mostly overcast, but no rain. Manita and I wanted to ride the Titan, the newest rollercoaster in the park, but it was closed due to flooding. We did, however, get to ride the Batman, which is one of those dangle-your-feet-underneath sorts of rollercoasters, and it was great. The most comfy coaster I'd ever been on; the seats molded to your form perfectly and even though the ride does some seriously breakneck twists and flips, you don't get off the ride feeling as though you now need a chiropractic adjustment. Dizzy, yes, but not cracked in a million pieces. And the feeling of the wind between your toes is quite interesting.

Tomorrow is Manita's birthday (twenty-six!!), so I think we'll head down to Denton to JoeMama's house to help her prepare the celebration.

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