Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My husband, whose actual given name is "Ricky" (not Richard), just came in to tell me about a commercial he just saw that made him laugh. Here is it on YouTube:

My husband's mom wasn't known for her brilliance. She named him Ricky D Wood. No period after the D, and it doesn't stand for anything. Just Ricky D Wood. Say it really fast and you get "Rickety wood." He's been going by "Rick" since he was an adult (imagine that), but put "Rick Wood" together and you've got half a cord.

He can't win, poor guy. She very likely did not know that "Ricky" is a derivative of "Richard." This is the same woman who had Pentecostal experiences while working in the kitchen, and who wrote about one of them for some charismatic magazine called The Flame back in the 1950s. He calls that the "Dead Chicken Baptism In The Holy Spirit" story because she was actually standing at the sink cutting up a chicken when she was surrounded by the Holy Spirit. Or something like that. More likely she was having a stroke.

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