Saturday, August 04, 2007

Enemy territory?

God save us from Evil Commingling Contamination.

I visited an organic grocery store today. I felt a little awkward when I went in, because I realized I was wearing a Marines t-shirt and there might be some anti-war types hanging around in there wearing Birkenstocks and hemp clothing. But there were a couple of items I wanted to try, so I braved the possible hostilities.

Cupboard Natural Foods is actually a pretty decent organic grocery store, especially for a city the size of Denton. I picked up some alternative flours and some Larabars and some Nut-Thins.

While we were out today, I got a phone call from my pal RedFish. No special reason, just because. I love those kinds of phone calls!

And to cap off the wonderfulness, while I was in the Cupboard place, I got a phone call from LJ telling me something she'd meant to tell me before but had forgotten.

Just getting TWO phone calls today was a huge mood lifter. Being so far away from my girlfriends is killing me.

LJ had recently sent me some money to take the kids out to Dairy Queen (since she couldn't do it herself and really wanted to), so this afternoon we went through the drive-thru at the DQ in Sanger, Texas. The fellow at the window graciously gave us our two Blizzards and a blue slush, then piped up: "Are you sure you wouldn't like some ice water or something? Everybody else in the van got something but you."

Talk about making me smile! "Oh, no, that's okay. I have some iced tea here already." But he has just guaranteed a return visit from me. That's just plain nice, don't you think?

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