Friday, August 10, 2007

Chocolate review

Chocolate good.

After an hour-long full-body Swedish massage at this place, courtesy of my Manita, I figured I might as well top it off with a visit to Schakolad in downtown Fort Worth. The only other world-class chocolaterie I've ever frequented was the Chocolaterie Stam stores in the Des Moines area.

The chocolates at Schakolad were tinier than those at Stam, which meant I could get more varieties into the 1/2 pound box. (Don't think I'm going to waste a trip to a chocolaterie and just get a taste -- it may be a year or more before I ever taste it again, so it's going to count.) The flavor was distinctly different than Stam, too. I'm rather glad, to be honest, because I can truthfully say that I like both very well. But I can tell the difference.

Schakolad had a teeny white chocolate cheesecake truffle that was so good I almost drove off the freeway. And they had an amazing Key Lime truffle that defies description. They did NOT, however, have anything even remotely akin to Stam's Chocolate Mice with the creamy filling. I've never had anything that could hold a candle to that particular item.

It was a wholly successful trip to the Big City. I feel a gazillion times better.

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