Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another one?!?

Yesterday afternoon we got a phone call from Alice's neurologist requesting that we bring her down for another MRI.


As in, this morning at 8:15.

Do these people know where we live? [eyes rolling] And why, pray tell, did she need ANOTHER one when she just had one a month or two ago?

It was still dark when we left, of course. All of us, actually, because we were hoping (faintly) that we might be able to catch a quick five-minute conference with the neurologist while we were all there together. Since it's in the same building and all.

Naah. You knew that wouldn't happen.

Alice had a terrible time keeping still this time, which is very unusual for her. Sometimes she has these severely-distracted days where I think she's probably experiencing a great deal of seizure activity that I just can't see. We had to stop the test three times to tell her to be still so they could get decent pictures.

I actually don't mind the drive in to Dallas; unless I'm alone, we always have the option of the HOV lane, which generally zips us right to where we need to be. I *like* the Big City. And I like traveling, in general.

I do NOT, however, like getting up early. This Friday morning marks my first day back to Teacher Inservice at Ballyhoo High School, and I'm supposed to be there at 8AM. And compared to a regular school day, that's an hour late. [sigh] Yecccch. I'm looking forward to starting class, but I have never EVER liked going to work early. Maybe someday, when the kids are out of school, I'll apply to teach at one of those alternative high schools that meets at night.

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