Saturday, July 07, 2007

Memo to San Francisco Area: They're Coming

Jehovah's Witnesses converge on Bay Area

She measures success carefully. If she can share one Bible verse with one person, Lovelace believes she's been successful.

After 33 years of door-to-door proselytizing, Lovelace can count five people she's led to Bible study, which led to baptism. She said biblical knowledge helped one person stop having sex outside of marriage, become a more responsible parent, and put down the bottle.

"You can't put a price tag on a life," she said.

She measures success carefully because her future depends on it. My understanding of JWism is that it is works-based, and if this poor woman is convinced she's justified by her works, then by golly she's gotta do this if she hopes for any sort of eternal reward in that system. And you'd better be keeping track of all the stuff you've done.

Seems to me like she believes she CAN put a price tag on a life; she's doing her darnedest to buy her way into eternity.

It's not so unlike many others who don't claim JWism, though... if I do enough good stuff, it'll outweigh the bad stuff and I'll make it in. Isn't that the logical way of looking at things?

Umm, I feel compelled to point out that your logic is dooming you. Yeah, I'll be nice to you and share jokes with you and treat you like a human being, because I'm a nice person. But you really are doomed, eventually. If the idea of this bothers you, just talk to God about it. All on your own, without anyone "helping" you. Just ask him. He'll answer you, if you're listening.

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