Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!!

I hope you're all celebrating our liberty today. I went grocery shopping and saw something I was quite displeased with:

This is an industrial building on the northeast side of Denton, Texas. What is wrong with the first picture? Can anyone tell me?

You, over in the red, white and blue shirt. Can you tell me?

That's right! There's a flag here that doesn't belong! And not only that, it's flying at the same height as Old Glory. And I ain't talking about the Texas flag -- we're allowed to fly THAT one at the same height if we want to.

Yep, the folks over at United Copper will be hearing from me. Dunno if it will do any good. But they have NO business flying the Mexican flag, particularly in equal standing with our own. What country do they think this is, anyway? I'm betting that if this industrial building were in Mexico, they wouldn't be flying the Stars & Stripes out front, period.

Anyway, outrage set aside, Happy Independence Day to all of you from all of us:

Isaac, Martha & Alice


and George W. Rabbit.

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