Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do bears poop in the woods?

Well, then why is anyone surprised that the Pope is Catholic?

Father Jonathan over at FOXNews says this:

Because I have received a barrage of e-mails asking what this document means — not a few expressing sentiments of great concern — I will try to explain in common terminology its purpose and significance for Christians of all denominations.

Just in case you’ve been reading mainstream media headlines, we should probably start out with this: Pope Benedict does not believe, and has never suggested, non-Catholics are all going to hell because they are not members of the Catholic Church.

Umm... why not? If you're the head of a church that has always, always, always portrayed itself and believed itself to be the sole dispenser of God's grace, then doesn't it logically follow that someone who is not a Catholic is then, by definition, going to hell?

I say this as a firm Protestant, of course.

But I also believe that if you're going to subscribe to and adhere to a particular brand of faith, it had better be because you firmly believe your eternal soul depends upon it.

Just my opinion.

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