Friday, July 13, 2007

Classy girl

I don't care what anyone says; Katie Holmes has class.

Katie and Suri turned away from Hugo Boss' party
Tom Cruise's wife and daughter, who are in [Berlin] while the movie star shoots controversial new film Valkyrie, were reportedly turned away from the party, thrown by designer Hugo Boss, because the guest list was closed and there were already too many people inside the event. But Holmes wasn't about the let the snub ruin her day - she spent the afternoon with her one-year-old daughter in a nearby park. A bystander tells WENN, "She was all smiles. You would never have thought she had just been turned away from a party.

I wonder how many other celebs would've behaved that way? Certainly not Elton John. Or Naomi Campbell. Both of whom are waaay older than Kat and should know better.

And yes, I think she probably made a huge mistake hooking up with FreakBoy, but lots of people make really stupid, life-altering decisions like marriage when they're too young to know better.

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