Friday, July 06, 2007

The Best Potato Salad You Ever Ate

I've had several people lately mention they'd been craving some of my Famous Potato Salad, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you. I'm not selfish.

First, get a five-pound bag of potatoes (I prefer Yukon Golds, but you can use your favorite) and boil them with the skins on. Let them cool, then peel them and dice them into 2cm chunks.

Next, boil 6-8 eggs for 10 minutes. At the instant the ten minutes are over, plunge them into ice water to prevent them from turning green on the inside. Once they've cooled, peel them and use your little egg-slicer thingy to dice them into tiny bits. Add them to the potatoes.

Add about half a jar of mayonnaise, more or less.

Add a whole jar (16 to 32 oz) of salsa. I like chunky salsa, medium heat, but use whatever you like best.

A couple of cups of your favorite kind of cheese, shredded. I like the Colby-Jack kind, but cheddar or mozzarella works great too.

And then my odd ingredient: roasted sunflower kernels. I use about a cup.

Mix all these together and refrigerate overnight (it can be eaten right away, but it's better if it's made a day ahead). Sometimes I decrease the mayo a little bit and add Dijon mustard, just for an added "bite" to the flavor. It makes a really, really big bowl of potato salad, so make sure you're going to a family reunion or a church social.

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