Friday, June 29, 2007

Yet another flash flood warning

Just sitting here, listening to the rain pouring down outside... checking Weather Underground and noticing we're under yet another flash flood warning.


I won't complain. Honest. The drought of the past several years was unbearable, and all this rain is filling up the reservoirs nicely. There aren't any lakes anywhere in the area that still need any water.

Local news station's report here. My parents have a cabin on Lake Texoma (it's not in a flood area, I don't think) and we've been up there a few times to fish. The usual fishing area we like to frequent has been underwater for a month or so already; I can't imagine what it looks like right now.

I used some Key limes that were in the fridge and made some limeade today. I even went so far as to do it the real way, making a simple syrup and everything. If I can't enjoy some real sunshine, at least I can sip some in a glass with ice.

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