Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sometimes a snappy title just doesn't float to the forefront, yanno?

A work by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei lays [sic] on the ground at the major contemporary art show Documenta in Kassel, central Germany, on Wednesday, June 20, 2007. A severe storm caused the collapse of the 8-meter (26-foot) tall work, organizers said. "Template," an archlike structure being exhibited outdoors, collapsed in on itself "in astonishingly aesthetic fashion," said Catrin Seefranz, a spokeswoman for the Documenta show. Ai already had seen the collapsed work and pronounced it more beautiful than before. (AP Photo/Dieter Schachtschneider)

I thought this was fall-down funny, myself. So funny it made me collapse in a very aesthetic heap on my bedroom floor, holding my sides.

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