Sunday, June 03, 2007

Road trip redux, part deux

If you want to see ALL the photos, you can go back to the Yellowstone Road Trip page on my Picasa site...

We left Trinidad, Colorado at about 7:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time and headed on up the interstate to Pueblo. Found a Starbuck's in Pueblo and got a Venti House Blend. Between Pueblo and Canon City, we could see Pike's Peak in the distance. In the meadow we could see these gorgeous patches of purple flowers (which I later determined to be a plant with the ignominious name of Cyanic milkvetch), so I pulled the van over the photograph Pike's Peak with the pretty purple flowers in the meadow in the foreground. To our surprise, we had totally missed the fact that we'd stopped right by a busy little prairie dog colony. They all ran into their burrows when we got out, but you can still see the burrow anyway:

Cyanic milkvetch, up close and personal:

After Canon City, we headed on out to Royal Gorge:

That bridge, the highest in the world, is not for the faint of heart. It's sturdy, but it's a LOOOOONG way down, as you can see here:

Picnic lunches are fun!

After we crossed over the Continental Divide at Climax, Colorado, we spotted this river (running in the opposite direction from the other one we'd been skirting all day, of course!) and had to pull over and take a small hike. Here's a postcard shot for ya!

Climbing back up to the roadside was a chore, since we were still at about 10,000 feet. I was seriously out of breath!

After driving through Vail and admiring the playground of the Hollywood Elite (TM), we worked on the last leg of our Sunday journey to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. At our hotel, the kids discovered an outdoor pool/hot tub:

At suppertime, we all loaded up and went to the Village Inn. While we were sitting at our table, I looked through the window and noticed a rainbow:

Nice way to finish Day Two, dontcha know?

Tomorrow: Wyoming or Bust!

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