Saturday, June 09, 2007

Road Trip Redux, day EIGHT IS ENOUGH!!!

Okay, here are Mom's pictures that she took on the day the girls and I had to leave. They got to go on up to the northern part of the park and see Mammoth Hot Springs, which I had really wanted to see, but I'll just save it for another trip, I guess. If you want to see ALL our vacation photos, go here first, then here (Picasa won't let me put so many photos in one album!).

Mom & Dad at Mammoth Hot Springs.

This fellow was hunting for those Bear Necessities, I guess... and he had lots of paparazzi, but didn't seem to care a bit:

And on our left, ladies and gentlemen, a Petrified Tree:

After leaving the park, the route through the Bridger-Teton National Forest was quite snowy indeed... enough for a brief snowball fight:

And in Dubois, they enjoyed buffalo burgers for lunch:

And something I missed on the way home due to the whiteout conditions... a wind-farm:

These windmills may look tiny, but they're actually enormous. Probably three stories high or thereabouts.

Gotta rest from all that sight-seeing:

And that, dear friends, is THE END. Hope you enjoyed our Yellowstone Trip!! Tune in next summer for the continuing saga.

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