Saturday, June 23, 2007

The National Gallery

Spent most of today touring the National Gallery. I love Calder's mobiles... they're just cool. Most of my photographs, however, didn't fare as well. The lighting was just too dark to capture things clearly with a point-and-shoot. Meh. I still got to see it with me own eyes, even if I don't have the photographic proof.

Saw lots of Van Goghs and Vermeers and Rembrandts and Mings and other coolnesses. I love art museums... I can spend hours trysting with the marbles and the bronzes and the oils. This marble sculpture has always been one of my favorites, and to come around a corner in the National Gallery and see it with my own eyes, well, that was just nifty:

She just has the most delightful facial expression, as if she's either about to burst into laughter or she's just done something hilarious and she's waiting for someone to notice. Anyway, "Girl With a Shell" by Carpeaux is treasure I discovered today.

And I am soooooooore from so much walking. I'm really not accustomed to so much exercise... I should be ashamed of that fact, but to be perfectly honest, I just don't like moving around that much. I'm just about as Type-B as a human being can get without becoming a tree sloth, yanno? Whaddya gonna do aboudit?

Tomorrow I'll be at the Holocaust Museum. I'm assuming they'll let me sit down at least once in a while there...

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