Monday, June 11, 2007

Dental serendipity

Weird title, I know, but it's true.

Headed on over to Ballyhoo to speak with the HS principal, then went on a house hunt to see if I could find anything at all for rent. After less than stellar success, I went to Sanger, just a few miles to the south, to see what I could find there. Not much there, either, although more possibilities than in Ballyhoo Proper. And then, I drove by... a dentist office.

I have a miserable broken filling that's just giving me fits, and so I pulled into the parking lot and went inside to see if I could schedule an appointment sometime soon.

"You won't believe this, but we just had a cancellation. How does right now sound?" the receptionist asked.

So I plopped down in the chair at Dr. Stacey Test's office in Sanger, Texas, and she took a look at the tooth.

"Hmm, it's pretty deep and possibly broken," she said. "I'll clean it out and we can take a look to see if we'll be able to fill it or whether you'll have to schedule a root canal." Then she turned to the hygienist. "Be sure and take her blood pressure, ok?"

"It's liable to be on the high side now, particularly since I heard you say 'root canal'," I joked.

She drilled it out and said that it wasn't ALL the way to the nerve yet, but that there wasn't any room left to go. She would fill it for me and we'd see how it went from there, if that was acceptable to me.

Heck, at this point, I'd like to be able to sip cold water on that left side again. Do what you have to do, I said. And she did.

And now I have a happy new filling and a numb cheek and I'm out about $260. At this point, it's worth it to me.

Tomorrow, Mr. Isaac goes in to see the ENT doc about his snoring issue. My guess is that he will have to have his tonsils out.

This is shaping up to be an incredibly expensive summer.

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