Monday, May 07, 2007

Steam venting from my ear canals

Isaac's in bed, and I'm sitting at the computer desk. We share a bedroom with him, and the computer desk is also in this room. He likes to have me in the room while he's going to sleep, and I have noticed it hastens the progress of said sleep, so I don't mind.

Just now, though, I heard:


"Yes, Isaac?" I said.

"Um, I have a problem."

"And what would that be?"

"I'm supposed to do this project at school where I collect bugs and put them in a box and stuff."

"Okay. When is it due?"

"Um, it was due today."

[cue sound of my head exploding]

"Isaac! How could you?"

Immediate tears.

"Well, here's all we can do, buddy-boy. Ask Mrs. Hall tomorrow if you're allowed to turn it in late, and we'll do the best we can to put something together tomorrow. If not, though, you'll just have to accept a zero on that assignment. You have to tell Mommy and Daddy about these things as soon as you get the assignment, not the day it was due, okay?"

[sniff] "Okay."

I used to do the exact same thing... I think about sixteen other things other than what I'm supposed to be thinking of. Actually, I STILL do the exact same thing. So I can't be mean about it, I just have to try to be as matter-of-fact and logical as I can.

Dadgummit. I love doing bug collections and crap like that. I wish he'd've told me ahead of time.

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