Sunday, May 20, 2007

A little family promotional stuff

You remember the photos I posted from yesterday? My granddad and grandmother, Don and Martha Martin, are pretty neat people. Interestingly, quite a large percentage of their grandchildren have either gone into ministry or have married into the ministry. Just seems to be our legacy, yanno.

Any-hoo, one of my cousins is one of the ministry staff dudes at North Main Baptist Church in Danville, Virginia. His name is Matt Hudson and he's super-kewl. I was just talking to his mom, my AuntyOh, and she said that he was actually in the pulpit preaching today (he's not the senior pastor, so he doesn't preach every Sunday) and that an mp3 of his sermon was downloadable on the church's web site.

Here it is. And remember -- this is someone I used to torment when we were young kids.

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