Thursday, May 03, 2007

[happy dancing]

I'm going to Austin! I'm going to Austin!

This spring, the North Ruralville drama team did Eugene Ionesco's The Bald Soprano as their one-act play and they have absolutely smoked their competition. They've made it through the district and regional and area meets and have advanced to state, and this is the big weekend.

I was wishing I could go, but knew there really wasn't any way I could. Gas prices, hotel, etc... just not possible.

This morning, the drama coach approached me and said that the other teacher chaperone had had to back out at the last minute -- would I like to come along instead?

What, are you kidding? DUH!

So tomorrow morning, bright and early, the kids and I (yes, I'm taking them -- why exclude them from something this fun?) are hopping onto the charter bus and heading to Austin!! I'm so excited!!! Wheeee!!

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