Thursday, May 31, 2007

Getting 'scoped tomorrow

I always love getting 'scoped. NOT!

I made some phone calls this morning, first to the doctor that my friend Melissa recommended (he doesn't take second-timers, so that was a no-go), then to the doctor I had chosen from the listings at (they wanted to see me TODAY because of the symptoms I'm having).

At two o'clock I showed up at Dr. Alexander's office and had a seat. Mom came along for moral support. The office itself was quite nicely appointed; the guy already won plus-points with me because he had a big framed something-or-other from the Republican Party on the wall. YES!

There were quite a few others in the waiting area, and in particular there was one woman who was freshly post-op who had BROUGHT HER DEMON-SPAWN CHILDREN ALONG WITH HER. Between her yelling at them and having them traipsing all over the office in spite of her yelling, I thought I was going to go out of my mind. After thirty minutes of sitting there among all these other people and NO-ONE GOT CALLED BACK, I began to wonder what was going on. I went back to the front desk and asked if perhaps I should come back another time... she said that she'd get me right in. Be aggressive sometimes, folks.

I didn't go to an exam room, however, but into his actual OFFICE which made me think I was going to get the usual sales-pitch that ALL bariatric surgeons give new patients. Meh. As long as I get to see him and talk to him, I don't really care. There isn't much in the exam room he can do for me anyway; if he thinks this is acute enough, he'll tell me to go to the ER anyway.

I did like his office, however; a framed portrait of George and Laura on his desk, and prominently displayed on his bookshelf was the retrospective book from Time/Life about Ronaldus Magnus Himself. Heck, the guy can't be all bad if he loves Ronald Reagan.

Dr. Alexander came in; he's a short Mediterranean-type fellow. And of course, because that's what they all do (I'm used to this; I know what to expect), he sat down with me to talk about revision surgery. I agreed that it was probably what needed to be done, but that I was more concerned about the acute nature of what's going on right now. He agreed, and said he wanted me to come back in the morning for a 'scope to take a look down in there and figure out what we're dealing with.

No food or drink after midnight, but that won't really be much of an issue because my stomach is kinda sore all the time anyway. I'll post tomorrow about what's to be done.

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