Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fauna Fun

There is a reason for this sign... not the least of which is the Attacking Zebras:

I had invited Dalton, one of my sophomore students, to come to WOW Church with us this weekend, and since we were spending the entire day in OkraHoma, he went along for the whole shebang. The zebras were quite aggressive in their quest for access to the food cups!

I'm stickin' my head in UR window!!

Wait a minute... that isn't Isaac next to Martha... woops!

Does anyone else remember that anchor-babe on CNN from twenty years ago who looked exactly like a Crowned Crane? What was her name?

Bumper boats!!

We had a very nice, sunshiny, pleasant day at Arbuckle Wilderness. As a side note to my bestest pal ever, the interstate exit for Arbuckle Wilderness is Exit 51, and yes, I stopped for a dozen fried pies. It would've been a crime to be that close and not do it.

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