Monday, May 14, 2007

Ask and ye shall receive

I e-mailed CNN to see if someone there could help me with my anchor-babe question, and sure enough they did. Ladies and gentlemen, the anchor-woman in question is none other than the delightful and lovely Bobbie Battista.

I'm telling you, I wish I could find a screencap of her from back in the 80s when she was a hot CNN anchorbabe. This beautiful, soft-focus shot of her today just doesn't hold a candle to the spiky look from back then. My mom and I just always called her the Crowned Crane lady. She doesn't look like a Crowned Crane at all anymore, though.

On a similar cable-news theme, why didn't I find out until today that Kiran Chetry abandoned FOX for the enemies at CNN?!? What was FOX thinking, letting her jump ship? Wrong, just wrong. And I'm still miffed that E. D. Hill isn't on FOX & Friends in the mornings. The other lady is nice enough, I suppose, but she isn't E. D. Hill, and that's just all I have to say about that.

Okay, one last parting shot, but it's not about an anchor-babe, per se. I haven't seen nearly enough of Judge Napolitano. FOX had better not let HIM slip away; if they do, I guess I won't switch to some other cable news network, but I certainly won't watch much FOX anymore either. I've just about had it with the AnnaNicole-ization of FOX.

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