Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thought for the day

Okay, I know that's sort-of harsh, but I have secretly wondered that for a while now. I know it's good (and completely Scriptural) for me to be with fellow believers -- I don't argue with that at all. And it's good and Scriptural to sit under wise teaching. But sometimes sitting through CHURCH isn't really either of those things.

I'm not making a reference to anything or anyone in particular. I just would like to have the freedom to examine what I do and whether it fits into God's Big Plan, not whether I'm making people happy. I daresay that it's healthy to skip the routine once in a while and spend time with God in a different setting.

UPDATE: Yes, I realize that it's the wrong question... or rather, that the question is based on a faulty assumption, that being that God wants me to be happy.

He doesn't.

He wants me to be like Jesus.

True happiness has absolutely nothing to do with my circumstances.

I still, however, refuse to believe that Jesus wouldn't "skip the routine once in a while and spend time with his Father in a different setting."

And as far as spending time with God, I believe that Brother Lawrence had the real secret to "church" -- realizing that, for a true Christian, every moment you're breathing is spent "in church" because YOU are the church (as my faithful AuntyAda has pointed out in the comments). It's what Brother Lawrence literally called "practicing the presence of God" and it's a transforming truth when you finally stumble upon it.

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