Monday, April 02, 2007

Stuff I saw today

The Blue-Eyed Grass is sprouting in tight bunches all over the roadsides here in north Texas.

And then the pink Evening Primrose blooms are nodding their delicate heads everywhere. These were what I grew up calling "buttercups" because you could smudge pollen onto your chin and it supposedly looked like butter.

These horse sculptures are out front at the Landmark Bank in Whitesboro. I'm sure there are those who find them unappealing, but don't count me in with that number. I love them.

These irises appear to have popped up in the midst of a pasture, but it's much more likely that they're a remnant from a long-gone homestead. The fact that they're still going strong is a sure testament to their hardiness and durability in this climate and soil type. I'm a big fan of irises anyway, and I thought these were just too cool the way they were gamely blooming in a pasture.

It was a very nice day today, wouldn't you agree?

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