Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is it possible?

Did the Supreme Court actually do something right about abortion? Finally?

Yes, they did.

Winking at this silent holocaust for so long is not going to serve our nation well. The culture of death commingled with the pervasiveness of situational ethics is going to reap the whirlwind eventually.

Time to overturn Roe. It's bad law, based on shaky logic. At the very least, such decisions belong in the hands of individual states rather than in the Nanny State. And after that, the people have a much more realistic chance of effecting change in policy.

And yes, I am wholly aware that, as a libertarian-leaning person, I should probably support the notion of controversial things being legal, but there are some places at which a line should be drawn. People deserve a chance to be alive. No-one should have the right to have life-and-death decisions over an innocent human life. Once they're born and they grow up and make choices, those choices can have such lethal consequences as a death penalty -- but no infant deserves to have that penalty served upon it simply for the sake of convenience.

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