Monday, April 23, 2007

I love text-messaging

But I'm not this good...

I have been asked, "Why texting?" Well, my answer is this: for people like me, who think more quickly when we write than when we talk, it's a good communication tool. And for those of us who like to answer in our own time, privately, even in a meeting or a church service (am I going to hell for that?), it's exactly the best thing. Much quicker and quieter than a telephone conversation.

I once got chewed out for texting during a band concert. I thought it was a bit paternalistic and condescending, really; the message I was sending was an important one, or I would never have sent it in the middle of a set -- AND -- I didn't text during a part of the song in which I was supposed to be playing. People need to chill, is all.

The only people who diss texting are people who don't use it. Hey, if I'm texting, at least you're not having to listen to my one-sided telephone conversation on the METRO, right?

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