Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I've been accepted!!

My application to attend the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Conference for Educators at the U. S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. C. has been approved!!

I am totally, completely STOKED about this. Educating the current generation about the Holocaust and what factors brought it about in the first place is of critical importance, particularly now. The older I get and the more aware I am of things occurring in the world, the more urgency I feel about making sure we NEVER FORGET.

Over at Meryl Yourish's place, I read something that struck me -- struck me HARD. Her observation was that there were a number of Virginia Tech parents who were grateful that Hitler didn't get Dr. Liviu Librescu that first time around... and if this single individual will be remembered always for the last few noble and sacrificial moments of his life, think of WHO WE LOST back then. Imagine it... these two little boys in this photograph never had the opportunity to become Doctor Anyone... Dr. Librescu was buried in Israel last Friday. His eldest son said, "I walked through the streets today with my head held high because I have such a father."

Now I need to start rallying around and raising the dough in order to make the trip. This is just too important to miss.

UPDATE: Prochein Amy suggested in the comments that I post a donation link, so I did. It's on the sidebar.

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