Friday, April 06, 2007

A day in Okrahoma

I went to Okrahoma today to visit my Aunty Ada and her pack of wild boys. My Unka was singing the baritone lead in Gabriel Faure's Requiem tonight at the First United Methodist Church for their Good Friday services, so we drove up to listen. It was nicely done... somber, of course, but that's what it's supposed to be.

The First United Methodist Church there has a terrific sanctuary reminiscent of old English cathedrals or something such as that.

Afterwards we went out to eat and I took some photos of our wacky bunch blowing off pent-up steam after the services:

Me and my Aunty. I have the kewlest relatives of anybody on the planet. I always looked up to this particular Aunty and Unka, probably because their wedding was the first one I took part in. I was 10 years old and a candle-lighter, and I felt very grown-up and responsible. At any rate, Aunty was the youngest of the siblings and was always pretty and trendy and with-it. I thought she was the bomb.

And she still is! :)

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