Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today's fortune cookie

Oh, for pete's sake... okay, here's how I do these "fortunes." I ordered a box of individually-wrapped cookies and I open, say, ten or twenty of them at a time. No, I don't eat them because I'm just not that fond of most cookies. Call me crazy. Any-hoo, I take a snapshot of all of them individually, in no particular order, and I number them and put them into a file in my Pictures folder. I then use them as daily fortune-cookies in the order they end up in, whatever that may be. I'm on #41 in the latest batch; after about 50 I dump them and start over.

So when any fortune-cookie paper ends up being ironic... such as today's... it's purely coincidental. In fact, the thumbnail pix of the papers are way too small for me to even read to know which one I'm putting into the post before I do it. I just use the next one, whichever it is.

And no, I did NOT ask God for patience. Honest. I would never do such a thing. It's a sure-fire way to go through the most hellaciously frustrating experience of your life, one in which you must summon patience from outside of yourself because you realize you have none of your own. It's how God always works, at least in my life. Most of the time I wish he'd just operate on a quick "Let There Be Light" sort of thing, you know, just say the word and it's automatically granted. But he isn't a vending machine or a parrot or even a magician. He's a Dad, and he wants me to learn and become who he knows I'm supposed to be, and he knows that won't happen if everything comes easily.


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