Monday, March 12, 2007

A little shoeblogging

Just because my personal financial situation is not conducive to the actual purchase of any shoes, I can still admire what's out there. Or make fun of what's out there. Or both.

Zappos is a great place to find shoes online for a very wide range of wallet sizes. Here are a few things I found there tonight:
These gladiators are the "Hedi" sandals from Robert Clergerie. I love these sandals! Not enough to pay $398 for them, of course. I wonder if the designer houses have shoe-purchase assistance programs, kind-of like the pharmaceutical companies?

These kewl thongs from Matisse are a much more reasonable $57.95 and are cute-cute-cute!

Now these godawful things from Franco Sarto ($82.95) made me have an instant 1982 flashback to the Jelly Shoes craze. These are almost the identical pattern to a pink pair I wore in high school. I found this picture of jellies on the 'net, but they're only sort-of like the ones I had:
The leather ones above are most certainly going to be more durable, but I just don't think I could get past the similarities enough to wear them. Instead, why don't we all just wash those horrific images from our minds with these sandals from Michael Kors:

Absolutely adorable, and only $98.95! I could wear something like these on the beach in Fiji if I were there for spring break instead of here.

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