Thursday, March 29, 2007

Left-coast loony

From the San Francisco news site comes this little "outdoor item":

Bobcat vs. squirrel: "I was on my daily noon-time run on some trails in the American River canyon when, just after cresting a small hill, I spotted what I thought was a large cat sitting in the middle of the trail. As I was within about 10 yards of this cat, I realized it was a bobcat intently staring at something midway up an adjacent oak tree. It didn't seem to be bothered by my presence however, as I slowly approached it, it scampered up that oak tree after a squirrel. Realizing what it was after, I shouted to warn the squirrel. It quickly scurried further up the tree and then jumped to an adjacent oak to safety. This bobcat then turned around and gave me one of most disgusted looks imaginable before retreating off into the brush." -- Marc Meyer

If any of you happen to know this poop-for-brains Marc Meyer dude, bean him in the head with an acorn for me, k? What a nutjob. Sixty bazillion tree rats in this world, and he feels compelled to rescue one from a magnificent bobcat looking for lunch.

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